Competent to Counsel International is a global biblical counseling training and resource organization using historic biblical counseling methodologies for missionaries and local church leaders in the country of their ministry, on site and online.

Counseling People With God's Word

Working from conviction that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are sufficient to help man address all of life’s working (non-organic) problems, CCI offers biblical counseling on a limited basis (Lou only counsels one or two days a month). Because we are a training center, there will occasionally be a trainee sitting in to observe counseling sessions. Counseling is provided in Atlanta by Lou Priolo and David Covalli. They also provide counseling throughout the United States and internationally through Zoom and SKYPE. For information on the counseling ministry or to make an appointment with Lou, please contact us by email at, or through the form below.

Counseling Request
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