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Competent to Counsel International is a global biblical counseling training and resource organization using historic biblical counseling methodologies for missionaries and local church leaders in the country of their ministry, on site and online.

Competent to Counsel International looks to release further high-quality video materials (training courses and teaching materials for use with counselees), making them available for free distribution and voice-over dubbing into local languages, thereby enabling both effective and proven training anywhere in the world. This training will be supplemented by the continued expansion of counseling material such as articles, audio recordings, blogs, homework assignments, and Bible studies for specific “problem areas”—ensuring that church leaders can freely utilize or translate such tools — to enable their counseling to be more effective and their counselees to be more Christ-like.

You can donate to CCI in the following ways:


You can use the link below to make a tax-deductible donation through a debit/credit card and support Competent to Counsel. You are also able to make a direct bank transfer to through your PayPal account. Please make note that it’s a donation. Thanks!


Checks Payable (please note that it’s a donation) to:
Competent to Counsel International

Mail to:
Competent to Counsel International
ATTN: Lou Priolo
225 Ottley Dr NE #100
Atlanta, GA 30324

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